Why your mindset is like a pack-a-mac

Grinning, I pulled the tiny turquoise bundle from my rucksack and donned my pack-a-mac. The rain that had begun as a few small splatters just seconds ago was now a decent shower and I was water-proof.

My daughter, a few steps behind me was getting soaked, having resisted my advice to bring a coat – it had been sunny when we had set off.

I have carried this tiny jacket in my rucksack for months without ever needing it. I have thought about leaving it at home but always decided it might come in handy.

As I continued walking through the woods I felt happy, slightly shy of smug, and thoroughly vindicated. Carrying the tiny packed jacket was finally useful in the best possible way.

One of my mottos for life is ‘Never Knowingly Under-prepared’, and carrying the jacket is part of this mindset. Knowing that I have it with me, gives me confidence to step outside even if the weather is unsettled. It means that I go out when I otherwise might decide to stay at home, just in case it rains.

Mindset training is like a pack-a-mac. It’s always there when you need it, giving you the means to carry on, when it might be easier to stay at home in your comfort zone.

You never know what life is going to throw at you, but being committed to your purpose, knowing how to stay motivated, how to channel your self-belief, step into your confidence, boost your resilience, monitor your feelings and being able to take care of yourself even when things are difficult, all means that you can take the chances. You’ve got yourself covered.

And best of all, your mindset doesn’t even take up any room in your rucksack!

The joy of being prepared for anything!

About the Author

Zoe Carroll

Zoe Carroll is a life and mindset coach who helps people to find their freedom through a range of coaching and therapy techniques. She is also a mindfulness coach and yoga teacher and believes that our body and mind are one and the same and learning to work with them both together is the key to success.

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