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There are several ways that we can work together. If you’re not sure which is the right way for you, book your free game plan call today and let’s talk.

The IGNITE! Programme

If you are a wellbeing business owner (coach, holistic therapist, yoga teacher for example) looking to increase your sales, break free of the overwhelm and going round in circles trying to work our why your business isn’t generating the income that you want, the IGNITE! programme is for you! Getting clear about what success in your business looks like for you and why you are running this business gives you a first step to deciding the type of business model that you want to build. The foundations then help you to decide who your ideal clients are, what services to offer, and how to be clear about the problems that you solve for your clients. You can then be strategic about where to find your ideal clients and how to nurture them into raving fans and loyal clients. We will also build your content strategy so that you never run out of things to say and don’t spend endless hours on social media feeling like you need to be ‘visible’ everywhere. And while this is all great to know, actually doing the work is where the magic happens, so holding you accountable and guiding you through implementing the changes is the real power of the IGNITE! programme. You. can find out more about this group programme here.

Immersive Deep Change Coaching programme

This is my signature one to one coaching package which brings you true mastery and transformation. Working through anxiety, feelings of not being good enough or of lacking the confidence to become visible or promote yourself can affect your success and happiness. This package takes a deep dive into your purpose, commitment and goals, builds your courage and confidence so you can take brave action, and updates your identity so that you can be the person you need to be to create your own happiness and success. This programme includes 8 x 90-minute coaching sessions, or you can include a 3-hour breakthrough session if you want to work through several issues in one compact session. This package also includes messaging support between sessions. This package lasts for up to 12 weeks, depending on how you spread your coaching hours.

Investment £949

Intensive Kickstarter Coaching Package

Intensive Kickstarter coaching packages are aimed at specific issues or problems that are preventing you from moving forwards with your goals or targets. This package is suitable if you have a clear idea about what the problem is, and are ready to take action towards overcoming or working through it. It is not suitable for complex issues or working through traumatic experiences as these are likely to need a more involved relationship and more time to process. This package includes 4 60-minute coaching sessions and can be taken over a period of between 4 and 8 weeks in duration.

Investment £399

The Wholehearted Happiness Club

The Wholehearted Happiness club is a community for women in business, to support their physical, mental emotional and social well-being, develop their mindset for success and provide accountability and support while building a social support network and personal development framework.

Investment £29 per month

Academic Institutions

For more information about my work with schools and colleges, you can click below.

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