Why the time for action is NOW!

As a coach my purpose is to support people to get the absolute best out of themselves. I work with people who feel stuck and want to get more out of life, and with people who seek more challenge or adventure in their lives.

Naturally we look at targets and goals but here’s the thing. I work with many people who are putting off their happiness and joy while they are reaching for their success.

STOP! What does success mean to you?

Focussing on the end goal can mean that we are living in the future and not taking time or energy to live in the Now. We might reach that level of success eventually, but why wait to enjoy your life?

Sometimes we need to wait – but sometimes we need to take action!

We need to create a process that we love as much as the goal itself. That way, everyday feels like a success, and your levels of happiness, joy and satisfaction will soar.

Imagine the feeling of having more time and energy every day, and loving the way you feel at work and at home. If having that would feel like success, why wait until you’ve achieved some long-term goal in order to have it?

Imagine the feeling of having joy and energy every day

When the alternative is feeling stressed and tired because you’ve been working so hard, or are too busy to spend the money that you’ve been working hard earning, does that really feel like you’re being successful? When we are in this energy, we can feel like the only way out is to work even harder.

Working harder can sometimes feel like the only alternative

I’ll let you in on a secret. There’s another way completely.

By mastering your mindset, getting clear on your values and priorities and choosing to include more of the things you love in every week, you can be successful now.

So why wait? The chances are, if you are working so hard for some long-ago planned goal, it may not even feel that great when you get there, and you may not feel the success you thought that you would.  

Take action now to prioritise the important things in life. The things that give you joy and satisfaction. And if you’re not sure where to start, hire a coach!

No athlete ever got to the top of their game without a coach, so why would we expect to be able to transform our lives into something that we love and be at the top of our own game without one? Getting a coach was so transformative for me that I now have two.

In sports, having a coach is commonplace. If we want our life to excel, coaching can make the difference

The things you have done up to now have brought you to the life that you have now. If you want to get unstuck or create more freedom, money, joy, or whatever it is that you are looking for, you will need to do something different. Making that transformation and changing your habits can be difficult. That’s why it’s much easier when you don’t have to do it on your own. Having an accountability partner who helps you come up with new ideas and helps you to decide which ideas are worth pursuing can help you find your courage and your flair.

And don’t just take my word for it, check out my testimonials to see how my coaching has helped other people just like you to become clearer about their goals, their methods and helped them to overcome the barriers that were holding them back from their own success.

Sally was struggling in her business. She had lost motivation and although she knew she was good at what she did, was finding keeping herself motivated increasingly difficult. We looked at what had inspired her to start her business in the first place, and how she had felt when she started out. We broke down the stages that she needed to do next into manageable steps so that tasks didn’t feel as overwhelming and we reconnected her to her lost confidence. She became sparkly and reanimated during her coaching and her business is flying. When she talks about her business now, she comes alive and her enthusiasm is contagious.

Victoria had been affected by low mood for years. She had lost motivation and was unhappy with her life in general. She had put on weight, her house was a mess and she was feeling tired and flat all of the time. We looked at the way she wanted to be instead and made small adjustments, working out ways of making these changes become habits, and little by little, she found her mojo and started loving life again. One small change led to another and now she is happy and knows how to lift her energy levels if she notices she is starting to dip. Her relationships with her sons have improved and she knows how to prioritise self-care and having fun to make life enjoyable again.

And Neil, a successful sales manager who wanted to be able to play all-in when he was making sales calls but found he was holding back. We identified some key early experiences where he had done his best but felt as though he had failed, and these memories were still affecting his performance thirty years on. We worked through these and now he reports feeling fearless on his sales calls and is better able to deal with difficult team members and customers.

What could you achieve if you changed your thinking, your feelings or your behaviour?

The time for action is now, your life is too precious to waste on being stuck. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled now, so what’s stopping you?

Give me a call today to see if we could work well together. Our clarity call is free and there’s no obligation to book anything. I want you to be absolutely sure that I’m the right coach for you, and that you’re ready for coaching.

About the Author

Zoe Carroll

Zoe Carroll is a wellbeing and performance specialist with expertise in neurodiversity and inclusion. She creates training and delivers coaching to develop team cohesion and improve communication within teams. She shares insights into how people can understand each other better in order to both communicate internally and externally to increase productivity and other performance variables while also improving the wellbeing of team members.

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