It’s here!!!

I have been working hard to bring this e-book to the World for a long time.

It has taken me 20 years to get here. I haven’t spent 20 years writing a 24 page book, that would be procrastination in the extreme (and as a mindset coach, would be a pretty poor show!) I have, however, been building my knowledge, skills and observing people achieving success for that long.

Coaching can answer many questions. What I noticed though, was that many people came to me asking about similar issues. They came to me because they wanted more out of life. Or they wanted to reconnect with themselves. Or they didn’t know where to go next. Many were fearful, anxious, de-motivated and had either become stuck in a rut, or were completely lost and didn’t know where to turn.

I helped these people to find themselves again. I helped with career planning, finding lost confidence, reconnecting people with their purpose in life and a host of other issues. But I want to help more people.

As a coach, I don’t deal with problems. I deal with transformations, with potential and with solutions. Imagine finding out that the confidence you thought you had lost in your teenage years was there all along, just waiting for you to find it. Imagine understanding why the motivation strategies you had tried were all destined to fail because they weren’t speaking to your personal motivational preferences.

Imagine if you could turn your confidence on at will – what differences would that make to your daily life?

Being able to find your confidence at will and not have to wonder where it went again…

You can do the same with your motivation, and with your self-belief.

I spent time working through the common mindset strengths that successful people have. I interviewed successful athletes and people in business and I observed the eight components that they all had in common. And I know that each of these can be developed, because our mindset is not set – it can grow and develop at any stage of our lives.

Building on the eight components of this mindset will get you ready for almost any challenge.

In this e-book, I’ve provided information about them all, a chance for you to score yourself on them, and some advice to make a start on improving them all.

Imagine what real success looks like to you and know that you hold the power to achieve it.

Where do you start? By downloading your copy of the Challenge-Ready Mindset e-book of course!

Get your hands on it here and start creating your future, overcoming challenges and finding your freedom today!

Download your copy and see where your mindset could take you!

About the Author

Zoe Carroll

Zoe Carroll is a life and mindset coach who helps people to find their freedom through a range of coaching and therapy techniques. She is also a mindfulness coach and yoga teacher and believes that our body and mind are one and the same and learning to work with them both together is the key to success.

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