Subscription Plan

Wholehearted Happiness Club
£39 per month
Wholehearted happiness is supported by the four pillars of well-being; physical, mental, emotional and social. We have yoga, mindfulness, meditations and relaxations, social events and mindset/mindgrowth trainings every month, with a focus on love, kindness, sisterhood and connection with ourself and others. Judgement is out and kindness is in. Doors always open, hearts always open, arms always open, joy always flowing! I can't wait to welcome you to the Wholehearted Happiness Club x
Confidence for Exam Success
This course teaches you techniques to help you to stay calm and confident before and during exams and assessments. It has already been made available to more than 800 students taking GCSE Maths and English who showed a 23.5% increase in confidence as a result of this training. You will have access to all of the course materials for a year so you'll have time to practice the techniques so that they become familiar and are easy to access when you need them.